Shutterfest Day 1: St. Louis City Museum

Fellow photographer friends of mine came home last year telling me how much fun and how much they loved this photo conference called Shutterfest.   I decided to join them this year on their trip, to learn more about all aspects of photography, to socialize and meet photographers from around the country, and to shoot some amazing stuff.

So, Sunday day, I packed up my gear and headed to St. Louis.

The conference officially starts tomorrow, but coming today allowed me to be in the middle of some amazing shoots.  I got to go to a place downtown called the City Museum.   It is like the Children’s museum on steroids.   This place is packed full of slides, ladders, and full of tunnels and caves.  You can crawl, climb, and play around on everything.  There was a cave, a 10 story slide, a airplane, a whale , a huge pencil, and so much more.  I managed to get there about 2 hours before I needed to meet up with the 50 + other photogs that would be shooting there, so I got to play around quite a bit before getting to work.    I would highly recommend this place for all ages if you get a chance to come to St. Louis.

Here are a few pictures of the museum and a couple of some of the many images I got.   Enjoy!



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