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Meet Deb

Deb sells doTerra Essential Oils

Deb is one of the most kind women I have had the pleasure of getting to know.  She really wants to help ease our woes, one drop at a time.

Deb wanted to have some headshots that expressed some personality and fun, so we grabbed a bunch of her favorite items to help us out with this environmental headshot shoot!

I met Deb from my local BNI chapter and she introduced me to doTerra Essential Oils.    I have never really been into the whole herbal treatment thing, although I know a lot of people are.   I am sure that like most medicines, what works for some, doesn’t always work for all.   But even through my skepticism, I’ve been able to try several of Deb’s oils, and I must say they do work for what she gives them to me for!   The two I use the most from her are a bug spray, because if there is a biting bug anywhere in the area it is going to find me….and then also her own mix of oils to help me get rid of my once or twice a year cold sore.    On Guard seems to be a super popular oil within our group too!     I also recently found out my mom and partner use a lot of doTerra in their home (way to pay attention, I know!) so I bought them a few more for Christmas.

I guess little by little, Deb has been changing my view of Essential Oils.   She is super passionate about them, and loves to just chat about their benefits.   She has a way of talking about them without making it sound like she is selling it to you, which is something I honestly appreciate!   Her motto of changing the world one drop at a time, is truly inspiring to this gal!

Deb and her Oil friends also have a local place here in Lincoln where they host monthly classes helping to teach a little more about Essential Oils and how they can improve your life.   Feel free to check them out sometime!

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