About Lex

About Lex

Alexis Logan



Fun stuff about Alexis

She loves cookies, but not oatmeal raisin, because eww

She’s the short one

She’s often found out watching her kids play soccer or cheering on her husband at marathons and Ironmans, she does not run, ever

She’s  a Texas gal.  Although she has lived in Nebraska about 15 years, her Texas drawl still comes out in  a word or two, especially after she has made a visit back home.

She started in photography by being on her small high school yearbook staff.  This was a chance for her to get out of some classes and make sure she was at every sporting event.

She loves to read, especially books that are part of series.  However, once she start a book she can’t stop until she has finished it.  Then she get impatient for the next one and have to get it right away.   Several series have kept her tied up for weeks on end.

She has had several jobs in my lifetime.  Lifeguard, pizza gal, waitress, childcare provider, credit card retention, apartment complex, accountant, bank teller, plus more.  The one she has liked the most is being a stay at home, minivan driving, soccer going, school sponsoring mom.

She got married almost 9 months exactly after meeting her husband.  Our first child came 2 years later.  AOL you got mail….

Did we mention She is short.   Her daughter outgrew her shoe size by the time she was 8, my son was taller than Alexis at 12. Often times she will bring a ladder or step stool to a session.

She was a boy scout, it was really cool.

She isn’t really a fan of heights, but she love rollers coasters.

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