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  I first met Cade when he was just a wee lad.   His mom and I attended MOPS together and he went with the kids area, along with mine, while us moms had a few free moments to bond, craft, laugh, and learn more about God.    Throughout the years, I’ve remained friends with Jody […]

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Senior Girl

From Summer time pictures at a waterfall to fall pictures with Volleyball and Golden wheat fields.    I see you girl!!   Congratulations to Chloe on her senior year at Elmwood Murdock High School                            

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soccer, southeast high school, sports photography

Soccer mom….I’ve been called that alot.   This year more so.   Between Ashley and myself (Alexis) our kids play a bunch of different sports and we almost always have our camera in hand and take tons of pictures at each game.   This has given us many opportunities and allowed us to meet a […]

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