A few of my favorites 2014| It’s all in the details…weddings of 2014

I wanted to share some of my favorite weddings of 2014. There is too much for one post, so I figured I would break it up over the next few weeks.
Many brides spend lots of hours on the small details of their wedding. Sites like pinterest have made those of us who are craft challenged, a little better at coming up with the perfect details. Here are a few of my favorite detail shots of last year and they happen to be one of the fun parts of taking pictures. I am always amazed at what brides come up with!

Special thanks to www.JennWiemann.com http://www.emiandlynnsphotography.com http://spencerstudiosphotography.com/, and http://www.nussbaumphotography.com/ for allowing me to work along side of you in 2014. I had a wonderful time with you ladies and your talent is amazing!